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Things nothing changed - same road same people same natural beauty; It seems time was stopped for me until i reach the place - Jayanti - my dream destination. It is almost eight years - lot of changes happened within that period in my life with my surrounded living beings but this place is still same as I left her before. On December 10th - me and my spouse along with my brother in-law started in Kamrup express from Howrah. We reached New Alipurduar at around 11.20 AM. Train was late - but we were fresh enough to feel the nature and surrounding. Within 30 minutes we reached the Rajabhatkhawa NIC. It is full with natural collection; and passers should spend at least 20 minutes to visit this collection center. It is well maintained and full with natural flora fauna collections of Buxa tiger project. Within another thirty forty minutes we entered into the core area and finally reached Jayanti. Suddenly we found - the mobile is out of network within the amidst dark green forest.
We had chosen Abakash Bunglow (CESE Guest House) to stay for next 3 days at the mid of forest. Hope all the Jayanti lovers will sync with my opinion that "Abakash is the best place to stay at Jayanti". We had rations and vegetables with us - so cooking we enjoyed a lot apart from the stay and roaming. The late noon we planned to visit Pukri hill; Shekhar Bhatyacharya was our guide -a very known face at our media nowadays. Last time on 2000 we had Gopal da with us as a guide. Well, on the way to Jayanti we found crested serpent eagle and a Giant squirrel. On the top we heard sharp tone of Hill Myna. Near the pukri pond, we found one giant Brown fish owl. In the holy water of Pukri hill - we found Hill turtle and big big fishes. They were very close to the brim of the pond and my spouse was trying to feed them muri.
Next day morning we decided to spend the whole day in leisure with no fixed plan. From the early morning our cams was ready to snap beautiful colored birds in front of our nest. We were getting fun as our cams were snapping new colorful birds one by one. It is indeed a bird's paradise we felt. That day three four times we came to the Jayanti River belt. It was very nearer from our nest. We played there with the water and river stone; we walked across the river belt; Great feeling.
Next day we planned to visit the core forest area. Shekhar da arranged an Omni for us. We took our seat and the car moved amidst forest after crossing one by one riverbelt. After chuniabasti, fashkhawoa, hatipota we reached a place from where Bhutan ghat was very nearer - but due to some security reason and bad road condition we had to stop ourselves there. We embarked on the raidak river belt and took many snaps there. In the late evening we entered into the forest of Jayanti; our guide showed us three Glads in the forest. One glad consists of small water place, one saltlick. We waited at one of the Glad for one hour - but hopelessly we didn't find anything. Well while entering into the forest we came across with two three Barking dear, Flying squirrel, Jungle hen etc. Overall it was a nice trip and we were very happy to see number of beautiful birds and butterflies. A good number of butterflies we have seen and snapped there. The varieties were splendid. More than 300 types of butterflies are there at Jayanti; out of that we were able to snap 20 to 25 types of them. A good number - one should admit.

People who really love nature and who really have the passion to feel the nature created beauties around us - they should come out for three four days at Jayanti. It is not a place to watch good number of animals - but one can feel the adventure of forest; one can feel the thrill that any moment they can come across with Leopard, Wild Dog (Dhol), Wild pig, Sambar, Barking dear, and Peacock etc. The less chances of seeing the animals here is due to thick forest and packed greens. Well, we did not make our mind to find any animals here - rather we were more interested to see birds and butterflies and we were very happy to find nearly 30 types of birds (out of 234 recorded birds at Buxa).

Time never stops - it passes; but we don't feel how it passed. Our wonderful ends here-but this is not the end of our Jayanti trip. We will again come back to the same place with all the sweet memories what we are taking into our heart this time;

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