Where is the Best Spot For Bird Watching

Bird watching is not only a hobby for most of us but it also has so many other benefits. One of the top on the list of those hobbies is that fact that you appreciate the beautiful nature as well as learning what it has to offer. It is so essential for anyone with a passion for bird watching to figure out some of the best spots to enjoy. Even though there are several spots where one can watch birds in the States, here are some of the best sport among the several for bird watching.


In Maine – Mount Desert Island


One of the most outstanding places about this port is that nearly most of the island is part of the Acadia National Park. The reason as to why this is one of the best spots for bird watching is because the birds are available throughout the year. Mount Desert Islands is a place where there are different kinds of habitats that are easily accessible by the road or train. Some of the notable birds are eider, bald eagles, northern raven and guillemots.


New York – Central Park


Central Park is one of the unique spots to go bird watch because it is in the middle of a dense city. The common birds that you will find in this green oasis where they migrate are the vireos, warblers, orioles and many more. There over sixty species that can be found on this spot. It a lovely place to see that duck and gulls during the winter. when it comes to September up to November you are likely to spot some of the short distance traveler birds like the sparrowhawks and eagles that are traveling towards the southern and often they make their way through the park.


Alabama – Dauphin Island


Shorebirds, terns and mash birds migrate from the Gulf of Mexico during very spring, and they find the dauphin island a very ideal place to rest and feed as the journey is another long and tiring one. There are other variety of birds that are spotted in April and May, they include the likes of warbles, tanager and many other colored birds.


Arizona, Portal – Cave Creek Canyon


It is considered to be one of the best places to go bird watching while you are in Southern Arizona. The reason as to why this is the best spot is because it has a diversity of bird species in different small areas. The most common of the birds are the Mexican species that will not wander far from the border, they are the likes of hummingbirds, elegant trogon and the painted redstart. These are some of the birds that will be easily spotted every season. At some points during the spring and summer, you will not be surprised to see some of the Mexican transients.


As mentioned earlier there are so many other places that one can spot some of the amazing bird species apart from the above mentioned. The best way to go around this is by finding out when is the best season for which birds and where you will spot them and you are good to go.